NAUMD Lifetime Achievement Award


The NAUMD Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual for their years of distinguished service and long-lasting contribution to the uniform industry rather than for a single contribution, no matter how monumental.  Nominees should have a minimum of 20 years of distinguished service to the uniform industry.  The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually at the NAUMD Annual Convention and Exposition.  The Lifetime Achievement Award may be given posthumously.

Nominees should have:

  • Earned the respect of professional peers
  • Demonstrated, over an extended period a contribution which includes industry achievement, professional leadership and service to the uniform industry
  • 20 years, or more, of sustained service to the Uniform Industry
  • General acknowledgement as having reached a pinnacle of their profession in the industry
  • Made a lasting contribution to the uniform industry
  • Personal Integrity

Nomination Form:

  • Nominee Name, Address, Telephone and Email Address
  • Nominating individual, Organization Name, Address, Telephone and Email Address
  • Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria
    • Criterion 1: History of Service – The nominee’s history of service to the Uniform Industry.  Positions of leadership the nominee has held such as on boards or as chair of committees.  Nominee’s resume and body of work.
    • Criterion 2: Significant contributions and positive influence on the Uniform Industry – The nominee’s significant contributions to the advancement and promotion of the uniform industry including mentoring, training positions or programs, awards or recognition from professional or industry groups, innovative approaches to difficulties.  How will the nominee’s story inspire others to higher standards in their work or to raise the end-user’s perception of the uniform industry and/or NAUMD.