2019 Innovation Award Winners


Best Badge or Emblem Design: Tie

 Smith & Warren - Tuskegee, Al, Custom Badge

What started as a simple idea turned into a badge with balance, high-art craftsmanship and historical symbolism. Using CAD and 3D digital modeling allowed Smith & Warren to capture critical details only seen when closely examined. For example, piercing the two areas around the flag bring your eyes to the center of the badge. The soaring Red-Tail jet shoots out over the flags, and is meant to symbolize bravery, US history, city landmarks, and the proud men and women of the Tuskegee Police force. 



Penn Emblem - Iowa State University Police Badge 

The Iowa State University Badge was created using PennFlex™ an enhanced alternative to traditional embellishment that can give uniforms a more contemporary look. PennFlex™ has a similar metallic effect to metal badges and can be sewn on or heat applied to most surfaces. They are also lightweight and flexible, and can be paired with on-trend apparel without damaging the fabric.





Best Fabric Innovation: 

Superior Group of Companies, Wonder TECH 

WonderTECH scrubs use patented 37.5® Technology to regulate body temperature, working to determine if you need warming or cooling. The 37.5® particles imbedded in the fabric absorb the infrared energy your body emits and if moisture/sweat is present, speeds the evaporation to cool. If not, the IR energy is retained to keep you warm. The technology has active particles that are embedded inside the polyester yarn that never washes out. It works in the vapor stage, BEFORE you break into a sweat. And the scrubs dry up to nine times faster than other performance fabrics. 




 Best Footwear Innovation: 

Rocky Boots - Rocky Code Blue 

Through customer feedback, Rocky determined that consumers were looking for footwear that was sleek and modern but still offered the durability and comfort. Enter the new Code Blue collection, footwear with an athletic appeal that is lighter, more flexible, durable, and offers all-day comfort. Breathable tactical grade materials are combined with strategically placed abrasion resistant TPU overlays for added stability and durability. This innovative design also offers a touch of tradition with high gloss finishes for a professional look. 





Public Safety Product Innovation: 

ASP, Inc. - ASP Transport Kit

The ASP Transport Kit is a revolutionary system for restraining and transporting prisoners and detainees, with increased safety and efficiency. Unlike traditional transport chains and shackles, the design allows the waist chain (or optional belt) to be attached, adjusted and removed without ever having to remove the wrist restraints from the subject--a major officer safety consideration. The rigid cuffs are applied in front of the subject, in a "stacked" arm configuration, restricting movement while at the same time providing more comfort while seated for transport or courtroom appearance. Compact and easily carried, the Transport Kit is also ideal for applications where space and organization are factors, such as patrol vehicles and aircraft. 


Best Garment Innovation - Function: 

Superior Group of Companies - Carhartt Liberty Medical Uniforms 

It's in the details. Designed to optimize functionality, the details found in Carhartt Liberty medical uniforms include multiple pockets, pen slots, side vents, badge holders. Longer top lengths in the back provide extra coverage and the mesh underarm facilitates breathability. Pant details include a mesh gusset, functional fly, and light elastic shirring at the back leg. Carhartt LIBERTY is a Force® product, which incorporates moisture wicking and stain release technologies into the fabric. FastDry® is a wicking technology. Stain Breaker® is a stain release technology that releases stains in the wash.