Top 40 supplier Vantage Apparel (asi/93390) has hired former retail apparel executive Marc Loeb as its new chief operating officer.

Loeb was previously the CEO of and, a global designer dress retailer. He was responsible for streamlining operation expenses and renegotiating domestic and international deals, along with strengthening the company’s brand equity internationally.

“Marc has an impressive zest for the apparel industry and has been a proven leader in shaping the direction of companies – from boosting online sales processes to innovations in operational efficiencies,” said Ira Neaman, president and CEO of Vantage. “Vantage led the industry when it offered single-piece decoration services to distributors, and with Marc’s vision, we’ll be able to bring even more innovations to market.”

Loeb joined Vantage Apparel on Sept. 9 and leads Vantage’s production and customer experience teams. Read More