Ed Vierling has been trying for three months to hire someone in Dallas who can sew, just one person. He’s not trying to find skilled seamstresses for a whole factory.

“I have one lady who is retiring and another one who would, but I can’t find anyone to fill their jobs,” said Vierling, CEO of Sharon Young Inc., a Dallas-based women’s apparel company.

“We now have had two generations in the U.S. who don’t know how to sew,” he said.

President Donald Trump's trade war with China, including the latest round of taxes imposed on U.S. companies Sunday, has created uncertainty for Sharon Young and other suppliers of apparel, shoes, accessories, sporting goods and smartwatches — all things people buy as gifts during the Christmas season.

With Sunday’s new tariffs, 69% of the consumer goods Americans buy from China will face Trump’s import taxes, up from 29% last week. Read More