The U.S. footwear industry is one of the biggest victims in an escalating trade war with China.

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced another round of tariffs on the roughly $300 billion of Chinese goods that hadn’t already been targeted by American levies. The 10% duties will take effect on Sept. 1, impacting consumer goods such as apparel, home textiles like bedding and shoes.

Shoe manufacturers in particular are bracing to take a major hit, with reality setting in that after months of on-and-off talks between these U.S. and China, these tariffs are set to take effect. A whopping 70% of shoes sold in the U.S. come from China, according to the Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America, an industry organization with more than 500 members, including Walmart, Nike, Crocs and Steven Madden. Footwear imported from China is already being hit with upwards of 67% duties, the group said. Read More