Going, going, gone: Cobmex celebrates Canada Day with annual softball game

 While Americans celebrated the birth of the the nation on July 4th, our neighbors to the north also marked the beginning of their country. A happy Canada Day to our Canadian colleagues, who observed the holiday on July 1st

There are many ways to celebrate Canada Day. What's a patriotic celebration without a parade? Picnics, festivals, and even fireworks also mark the occasion all over the country, including Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Victoria. 

But our favorite came courtesy of NAUMD member Cobmex, who chose to mark Canada Day with that quintessential American pastime – baseball. They've earned the right after all: the Toronto Blue Jays were back to back World Series Champs in 1992-93.

Team Cobmex batted major league fun for participants and spectators alike, and while the game wasn't exactly all-star caliber, it was certainly in a league of its own. 

Joyeux jour du Canada!