In June, Walmart — one of the most recognizable retail brands in the business — updated the look of its iconic employee vests. After allowing employees to wear more casual clothes, including jeans, to work, they decided to update the company vests to make them more customizable and modern.

"Uniforms are important, but looking exactly like everyone else isn't," the announcement reads. 

Walmart is far from the only institution to recognize this. Target also updated their uniform code this year and even financial institutions, like Goldman Sachs, relaxed their traditionally buttoned-up dress codes in 2019.

Some industries require a formal dress code; imagine being represented by an attorney who has donned cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, for example. But for organizations that can relax their requirements, doing so may be a tactic worth considering that gives workers more control over their comfort, Katie Evans-Reber, head of people for staffing platform Wonolo, told HR Dive. Read More