Four years ago, fewer than a million units of smart clothing shipped worldwide; today, it is predicted that global sales will total US$ 1.18 billion by 2025 as the Internet of Things expands to connect more than 75 billion devices.

DuPont had been making flexible circuitry for decades, but manufacturers wanted electronics in clothing to stretch, snap back to size and survive exposure to the elements. The introduction of DuPont brand Intexar, an electronic ink and film that transforms fabric into smart clothing, kicked off a cascade of innovative ideas for multiple applications including fitness gear, heated garments, and wearable health care.

Currently, smart clothing with Intexar is being tested by pro sports teams. The medical industry is exploring it, too: DuPont has created a ’smart health patch’ that promises to make it much easier and cheaper to monitor a patient’s vital signs and detect early warning indications. In a 5G world, it could even continuously and comfortably connect patients at home to remote monitoring systems. Read More