ALEXANDRIA, Va. — June 5, 2019 — Citing the Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification program’s 8-year history of standards and microbial testing for healthcare textiles in North America, the Hygienically Clean Healthcare Advisory Board and TRSA Healthcare Committee have overwhelmingly rejected the Association for Linen Management’s (ALM’s) claim that they have taken “the first step to identify microbial levels present on healthcare textiles in the U.S. today” and their self-characterization as “the textile industry’s best resource.”

The Advisory Board and Committee consist of representatives of TRSA’s operator membership, which processes more than 90 percent of North American reusable healthcare textiles (linens, uniforms, scrubs, other garments and more) and associate membership, which provides textiles, machinery, chemicals and other products and supplies for such processing. The Advisory Board also includes professionals in medicine, microbiology, epidemiology and other healthcare and industry professions. Both TRSA groups have overseen the development of hundreds of articles and resources on healthcare textile hygiene, including best practices, training materials and forums for information-sharing such as the annual CEO Roundtable and Healthcare Conference. Read More