Robert Jungmann has been importing hemp fabric from China for more than 20 years for the T-shirts he manufactures in Los Angeles.

The news that the Trump administration is raising tariffs on Chinese textile imports from 10 percent to 25 percent is a big blow to his Jungmaven label.

“This tariff affects us hugely,” he said. “Our No. 1 expense is cost of goods, and now it went up 25 percent. That hurts.”

Other manufacturers faced with the Chinese textile tariff can shift their sourcing to other parts of the world, but Jungmann has a different problem. The only country that manufactures hemp fabric is China.

“There is no place we can purchase hemp fabric. We can’t purchase it from Europe, Vietnam or the United States. Only China does what we purchase. There is no option,” he said. He could switch to another fabric, but hemp has been the company’s calling card ever since he started making hemp T-shirts in 1996. He now cuts and sews about 1,500 to 2,000 men’s and women’s T-shirts a week. Read More