It’s been a long time since the days of robust apparel manufacturing in the United States, but in that time, the process has been little evolved.

In 1856, the Sewing Machine Trust was established to pool together patents related to the invention of the chain stitch sewing machine. Combined with steam engine power, these cutting edge technologies of the day brought together and created the advent of the modern apparel industry, as we know it today.

Commercial enterprises were assembled, jobs created, cities prospered and fortunes were made. For the first time in human history, clothing could be manufactured in a mass produced process. Production methods where broken down to specific tasks, patterns were graded and multiple plies of fabric were cut, ready to be sewn. The sewing machine operator picked and placed single plies of material from a pile and with their skilled hand-eye coordination, sewed together specific parts of the garment. These parts where then past down a human assembly line to produce a finished garment with a specific design, time, quality, and cost. Read More