Many world-changing inventions have their roots at MIT, like GPS navigation, e-mail, and mapping the genome. Radian is among the latest companies to emerge from the school, but its focus is on jeans, not genes. And the company wasn’t so much born in a lab as born of frustration.  

When Wardah Inam was getting her doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, she grew annoyed that she couldn’t easily transport her phone, wallet, keys, and ID between her lab and office. The quick trips didn’t require a bag, but the small pockets in her jeans couldn’t accommodate the items. She complained to her husband, Ahmed Malik, wondering aloud why women’s jean pockets couldn’t fulfill their function. Malik, who had grown up working in his family’s textile factory in Lahore, Pakistan, was skeptical: Were pockets really an issue women cared about? Read More