Montenegro Airlines has introduced new uniforms for its cabin crew members created by the UK-based Montenegrin designer Boris Ćalić. The new uniforms are made up of a crisp navy skirt suit with golden traditional motifs for female crew accompanied by a foulard which denotes seniority depending on its colour. The male uniform is comprised of a navy suit, vest and blue tie. "The idea behind Montenegro Airlines' new visual identity was to display the richness and beauty of our national dress in a modern and clean way, which is in line with my aesthetics: fine lines and a crisp cut which complements the body without too much detail", Mr Ćalić explained. He added, "The navy colour complements the golden embroidery which is based on the Montenegrin national dress. This was the right choice because Montenegro Airlines' cabin crew are the first contact each passenger has with our country's culture. Therefore, I wanted to display our cultural richness through that initial contact". Read More