BURLINGTON, NC — January 3, 2019— The demands for yarns, fibers and other related products used in the textile business is robust.  Threats of anti-dumping duties on textured polyester yarns imported from China and India are helping fuel demands for Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) & North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) compliant yarns.  This year’s increased levy by the United States on imported yarns from China has added fuel the demands for domestic yarns and fabrics.

A small and unique establishment, DeSales Trading Company, based in a Southern town synonomus with textiles, Burlington, North Carolina has done quite well over their 50 years in business.   The owners are really glad to see the uptick in demands for their products and for the industry as a whole.  Joe Murray, Chief Executive Officer, of DeSales Trading Company, said “This bull market for the textile business is very welcome.  The textile industry since 2005 has really been on a rollercoaster ride – many peaks and valleys.” Read More