Penn Emblem Company Dresses Down to Fight Breast Cancer

Philadelphia, PA – December 6th, 2018 – This October, Penn Emblem celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with an internal Dress Down Fundraiser. Employees had the option to pay each day to dress in casual attire. Penn Emblem Employees were able to raise $1,360.00 throughout the month which Penn matched, bringing the donation total to $2,720.00. All the money was donated to the Fox Chase Cancer Research Center which is in Philadelphia, PA.

“Do the right thing. Do things Right” has been a part of Penn Emblem’s core values since the company’s founding, integrating the ideals in its business practices. Giving back to the community is an important part of Penn Emblem’s corporate culture and employees are encouraged to support their community.

Penn Emblem has provided many companies and organizations with high quality, innovative decoration solutions for three generations, and continues to uphold its products and employees to the highest standard every day. 

Hilary Valentine, Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]
(215) 600-2654