To those hoping a détente is at hand in the escalating US-China trade war, experts at an Oct. 11 summit had a blunt message: Settle in. This war is just getting started.

“I believe [Chinese president] Xi Jinping is not going to back down, and I don’t believe the US is going to back down,” said Nicole Bivens Collinson, president of international trade and government relations at Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, which bills itself as the world’s largest law firm dedicated to international trade, customs, and exports. “We’re stuck in this, I would say, 20 years. I don’t see any way out.”

American clothing and footwear brands are anxiously watching the tit-for-tat exchange in tariffs between the US and China. That’s because the US imports nearly all of its clothing and footwear, and China is by far the largest source. According to data from the World Bank, in 2016—the year with the most recent figures available—about 36% of US imports of textiles and clothes came from China, and approximately 60% of footwear. The US already places some of its highest tariffs on clothing and footwear, so the industry is especially sensitive about the prospect of more duties. Read More