The DC Police Department recently gave a sneak preview of fancy new uniforms they’re rolling out this October. Police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck gave a simple explanation for the new look: “The main benefit for our police officers is all-around wellness.” Police say the goal for the new style is to provide comfort, as well as durability.

OK, that’s great. But that doesn’t answer one important question—are the dark navy-blue, 100 percent polyester uniforms fashionable? Read Wall, local retailer and founder of, says the new uniforms are a change for the better. We asked Wall to give us his take on each new feature:

I think the main kudos for the design team should go towards the use of internal suspenders instead of belts. Wearing heavy stuff on a belt can be really demanding on the hips and back, not to mention, extremely difficult to maintain thorough activity. No cop wants their pants falling down in a chase! Wearing suspenders to hold up their holsters (and trousers) is going to be more comfortable.  Full Article