Odegon developed and patented a small fabric tag that when attached into the armpit of garments virtually eliminates the odor given off by the wearer. Its chemical free technology does not contain biocides and dynamically absorbs odor causing molecules leaving nothing but fresh smelling air.

Explaining how it works co-founder Tom Rawlings said, “It’s a totally chemical free process found in nature, we have just harnessed this: Odegon contains a unique activated carbon fabric which is used extensively in the defense industry for gas masks and protection suits. We build this into a structured laminate. Originally developed to tackle deadly nerve agents, it’s more than capable of absorbing body odor, even after 50 washes.”

“We’ve had great success already in the USA with a number of airlines incorporating it into their uniforms as well as fashion, sportswear and workwear brands.”

Odegon is currently used in jackets, shirts/blouses, trousers, shoes and even bags. No special machinery is needed and small pieces of this fabric can be easily and discreetly integrated into garments at any factory.  They have also released OdorGaard this is a complete odor absorbing laminate that can be used as a shoe sock during manufacture. It eliminates the odor problem associated with sneakers and soft footwear.

Odegon does not wash out therefore eliminating downstream environment risks which are associated with some biocidal products.  

For more information on Odegon’s innovative products such as DeoTag and DeoSole, please visit www.odegon.com or email [email protected] 

About Odegon Technologies

Odegon Technologies was founded in 2010 by Steve and Tom Rawlings. Steve Rawlings spent over 35 years running companies involved in the development of technical protective fabrics for the defence, North Sea diving, aerospace and automotive industries. Tom Rawlings worked in the City of London and launched Odegon Technologies upon realising the enormous business potential of this technology. Odegon Technologies is based in the UK and has other odour absorbing products such as DeoSole, a unique product launched in 2012 for footwear that has already been taken up by a number of retailers www.deosole.com