When we think of a wooden T-shirt, we think of a rigid, vaguely shirt-shaped hunk of wood complete with splinters and maybe a few termites. Obviously, this is not realistic, as wooden fibers like bamboo and rayon are used in textiles all the time.

One Finnish startup is using wood to create apparel with a new process that could also revolutionize apparel recycling.

Spinnova, based in Jyväskylä, Finland, is looking for eco-friendly alternatives to fibers like cotton and rayon, which require the use of chemicals that can pollute water and cause health problems for workers. Spinnova uses a process that creates only evaporated water as a byproduct, and requires much less water during the production stage than common cotton manufacturing. It also doesn't require any pesticides or farmland, according to a story published by Fast Company.

"We have to find better options for the future," Janne Poranen, CEO and cofounder of Spinnova, told Fast Company.