While many people love summer for the reason that it allows them to wear light, freeing apparel such as T-shirts, tank tops and swimsuits, it’s no secret that the best season for style is fall. Seriously, what’s better than putting on a comfy fleece and a pair of sweatpants to go for a nice walk outside while the breeze is at its breeziest and the leaves are at their leafiest, falling through the air and covering the ground with all sorts of surprising, joy-inducing colors?

OK, so maybe that’s a personal opinion, but we’re willing to bet that anyone who has experienced fall in a way that comes close to the image above might very well agree with us, even if we have to bribe them with some of the best gear the 2018 promotional apparel season has to offer in order to do so. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn more about what the industry has available for promotional fleece and fall weather gear in 2018 and just see if we don’t change your mind. Full Article