When most people picture apparel that is “Made in America” they envision merchandise that is created in a U.S-based factory filled with hard working men and women actively engaged along an assembly line of some sort.

And sure — this idea of being made in the good old U.S. of A still holds true today. Companies that sell apparel that they boast to be “Made in America” are indeed manufacturing stateside — for the most part at least.

But the modern day “Made in America” is about much more than pumping out product stateside in Anytown, USA.

Today, companies based in the U.S. realize that selling a product that is Made in America is more than just some marketing moniker. Instead, these forward-thinking business owners realize that Made in the U.S.A is a mindset that consumes almost every element of their business plan — from the materials they use to create their product to the people they consider to be their niche customers. Read More