Promotional uniforms are shifting for 2018. They’re getting more technical features and designs, and they’re even getting more casual. To help distributors stay on top of the latest in promotional uniform trends, Promo Marketing interviewed Lisa Denham, marketing director for Executive Apparel, Philadelphia.

Promotional Uniforms Style Trends

For promotional uniforms, 2018 will continue to see the sector evolve to meet end-user demands.
“We’ve been seeing requests for some more hybrid fashions that can work in both the career and promo arenas,” said Denham. “We just added two semi-casual blazers to our collection as a result: The Devin Knit Blazer and The Jet Unlined Polyester Blazer. Both are easy-care and suitable for branding with patches or embroidery. I see them as great options for workplaces that need a professional look but have a more millennial workforce who may pair a blazer with jeans and T-shirts for a hip casual look.” Full Article