Laurel Road, a digital lending platform and brand of KeyBank, and Barco Uniforms have launched their ‘Remember Your Why’ campaign, a new initiative that aims to support and inspire first-year medical students celebrating their White Coat Ceremonies virtually. Barco Uniforms is a leader of design innovation in the premium healthcare apparel industry.

As students don their medical white coats for the first time, marking their acceptance into the medical community, the campaign is a reminder and affirmation of why they have chosen to pursue careers in medicine, despite the many challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic.

Healthcare professionals have been challenged in new and more extreme ways through their work on the frontlines or navigating private practice closures. Supporters from around the world and in their local communities have called them healthcare heroes and encouraged them with nightly rounds of applause. Yet, doctors, dentists, and nurses usually don’t enter this profession for praise or status, they do it to help patients, give back and be a force of good in peoples’ lives at their most vulnerable moments. Laurel Road and Barco’s heartening video features seasoned healthcare professionals sharing their ‘why’, as a reminder to new medical professionals that those core motivations endure even through difficult times, according to a press release by Laurel Road. Read More