Congratulations to Fairfield Uniform Company, who last week relocated to a more spacious location with a rich history in the textile industry. 

Fairfield Uniform, located in Bridgeport, CT, moved from a 2000 square foot store to a nearly 5,000 facility that has a nice industrial feel, loading docks and other amenities that were lacking in their previous location. 

The new digs are part of a l00-year-old building better known as the American Fabrics Company, a facility that started as a lace manufacturer and has since evolved to be the creative home to over 30 area artists and creative businesses in Bridgeport. The diverse group of artists and artisans in our building create a unique community that supports and inspires collaboration and inspiration. You can read more about the building's history here 

Fairfield Uniform Company is located at 1069 Connecticut Avenue (Building 3A), Bridgeport, CT. Learn More: