When a kid of Irish descent grows up in San Francisco’s Sunset district, he has proper sights set on becoming one of the City’s finest, either a fireman or a police officer. When that kid’s family has a retreat home in Sonoma, with lots of other uniformed SF families, that future is all the more expected.

That kid has a uniform in his future.

Back in 1976, Riordan High School graduate Tom Sweeney took a summer job while he waited for either the fire department or police department to offer him a spot in their academies. He signed on temporarily at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, where his mom knew the General Manager’s wife.

The job was as a doorman at the famous hotel. It was a pretty good gig for the young Sweeney. It offered non-stop action, fun interaction with lots of people, eye opening tips for a young kid, and a stylish uniform. Read More