We’ve all changed since COVID-19. And research has just nailed down how customer expectations shifted as a result of the coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know and do now. 

We know customers have strong feelings about their experiences. They’ve always cared about how they’re treated – and they’ll voice their love and hate in person and online.

But attitudes have shifted since the world was affected by the coronavirus. And companies need to keep those changes – many uncovered in  Sitel Group’s COVID-19: the CX Impact study – as they move forward.

“The last three months have challenged consumers and brands like never before, and we are all faced with understanding a new reality. How do we shift from adapting to the crisis to driving a success strategy in this future world?” said Martin Wilkinson-Brown, Global CMO at Sitel Group. “In this quickly changing world, customer experience is truly one of the only ways for brands to stay competitive within their industries and now more than ever it’s critical to meet consumers where they want to interact.”

Here are six critical areas where expectations have changed – and customer experience-focused organizations want to respond. Read More