After Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shut down all nonessential businesses in March, many apparel manufacturers circumvented his Safer at Home order by pivoting to making personal protection equipment.

For some, the move not only helped keep their lights on but also inspired new business endeavors.

That included Scott Wilson and his apparel company, Tour Image Inc., which does business as UStrive Manufacturing.

UStrive’s mask and isolation gown manufacturing deal for a major hospital chain prompted Wilson to design reusable products in hopes of reducing the waste inherent to the medical supply industry — something he hadn’t given much thought to prior to the pandemic.

“Our whole mission in life is making organic, sustainable clothing that’s good for the planet, the environment and people,” Wilson said. “Medical products are the opposite of that. Everything is for single-use only. … Medical staff are wearing things literally sometimes five minutes — they walk in a room, see a patient, walk out, take it off, it goes in the trash, and that contaminated PVC gown is going to be in the earth for 250 to 1,000 years before it breaks down. Read More