The Marine Corps and Navy are tightening up the dress code for troops assigned to the National Capital Region and the Pentagon in an effort to put forward a more professional appearance.

In recent messages to their respective forces, the services announced that, effective July 6, Marines and sailors must exchange their comfortable camouflage utilities for crisper service uniforms, at least when they're in the Pentagon and in certain locations around Washington, D.C.

A Navy administrative message released this month specifically prohibited the wear of flight suits and the Navy Working Uniform Type III, the woodland-green camouflage that is now the service's standard utility uniform. These cannot be worn inside the Pentagon, in the National Mall area and around Capitol Hill, the White House, the State Department building and national monuments.

"The NWU Type III may be worn as the alternate uniform of the day per commanding officer or officer-in- charge permission on DoD installations, commands and facilities within the NCR other than the restricted areas established above," the message states. Read More