After 4 months on the sidelines, Metro New York City’s restaurants are in the process of reopening with outdoor dining and welcoming back dining patrons to their indoor dining rooms. As we seek to protect our waitstaff, culinary teams and, of course, our patrons, there are new clean and safety protocols that are being put in place.

At the top of that list are the items that can theoretically spread the virus. Hard surfaces, like a tabletop, are certainly a concern, but what about fabrics like clothing, tableclothes and napkins? As we did our homework, we found that a return to good old days of a clean tablecloth may hold the key to a virus free/safe reopening.

So Total Food Service sought out one of the foremost experts on the subject: Mark Lewis, Corporate Sales manager of Dempsey Uniform & Linen to get his thoughts and help our readers create a strategy for their linens and uniforms as the industry returns. Read More