Months of lockdown had a huge impact on fashion, with tons of clothes unsold, which is now forcing the industry to convert itself into a more sustainable and techy one. Global Fashion Agenda updated its sustainability plan in order to guide fashion leaders through the current crisis.

In particular, the new CEO Agenda 2020 - COVID-19 Edition aims at raising expectations around the hot topic of sustainability both in the short and the long term.

“This crisis presents a unique opportunity to reevaluate the lexicon of fashion and to evolve individual business models and industry systems alike,” said Global Fashion Agenda’s CEO Eva Kruse. “Only by rethinking and rebuilding systems in a collective effort, will we find ourselves in a just and sustainable future post-pandemic. The prosperity of each individual business, communities and our planet depend on the decisions we are making today.”

The publication includes a list of six opportunities for fashion executives to reinvent their business after the pandemic. Read More