'We wanted to make you aware ahead of time to avoid any undue concern,' an NOPD release said

Commissioned officers with the New Orleans Police Department will begin wearing Tactical Duty Uniforms beginning Sunday, a press release from the department's Public Affairs Division said.

The switch will allow police officers to wash their uniforms at home rather than having to find a dry cleaner, the release said

Typically worn by NOPD officers in response to hurricanes, tactical duty uniforms are much more durable.

The police department wanted to reassure residents. While their uniforms are changing, the day-to-day duties of police officers will remain the same.

"To some, the TDUs give the impression of some sort of urgent deployment. While that can be true in some instances, we want to assure the citizens of New Orleans that there is no heightened state of alert and no fundamental change in policing ahead," the release said.

The NOPD have not provided a photo of how the uniform will look.