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Narrator: These men and women are some of the newest members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also known as the Mounties. The RCMP is Canada's federal police force, known worldwide for their iconic scarlet tunics, referred to as the Red Serge. Each cadet gets fitted for their tunic about halfway through their 26-week training program.

Cadet: It's a really exciting moment. It makes you very proud to be here.

Cadet: When you put it on, you feel pride.

Cadet: I cannot believe it when I saw myself in the mirror.

Narrator: While this is what you're likely to see Mounties wearing in the field, the Red Serge is worn at ceremonial events. It's part of what's known as the kit that's issued to the 1,000 cadets that graduate from the RCMP training academy each year. Along with the tunic, the uniform includes trousers known as breeches, a Stetson hat, a Sam Browne belt, and a pair of high leather Strathcona boots. The tunics are made by a company in Quebec before being shipped here, to the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. They're made of wool and include a satin lining. See the video, read more