State lawmakers are considering a plan to create an income tax credit for law enforcement officers who buy safety gear out of their own pocket for use on the job.

Senate Bill 190 would create a state tax credit up to $500 per year for officers who purchase equipment, including uniforms, flashlights, body armor and handcuffs, for use in the line of duty. It would not apply to items for which officers are reimbursed by their departments.

The credit would reduce revenue to the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF) by an estimated $5.3 million to $8 million per year, according to a Legislative Service Commission (LSC) review of the proposal. The reduction would, in turn, lower transfers by between $180,000 and $271,000 from the GRF to the Local Government Fund (LGF) and the Public Library Fund (PLF), the review concluded. Read More