Businesses have expenses to pay. “Paying the bills” might not seem interesting or new, but recent innovations make disbursements faster, cheaper, safer, and more convenient.

The innovations would likely help your company if it relies on (or suffers from) any of the following.

  • You issue paper checks to pay employees, subcontractors, partners, or suppliers.
  • Bank-to-bank payments and transfers take a long time, which results in reduced customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Partners and suppliers demand faster payments.
  • You have been the victim of check fraud, or you incur additional expenses in resending paper checks.
  • Fees for domestic and international bank transfers have increased.
  • Your bookkeeping, settlement, and reconciliation processes are complicated and time-consuming.
  • Customers, subcontractors, and employees use online banking.
  • Your business involves reimbursements or payouts, such as cash-back loyalty programs or insurance remittances. Read More