The ever-increasing pace of change experienced throughout the textile industry has compelled companies in virtually every sector to craft various approaches to harness these changes and maybe more importantly to take advantage of them. A unique and innovative program adopted by Québec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation aims to position the Québec Province’s business regions worldwide as industrial expertise centers. The approach borrows several tenants from a traditional Chamber of Commerce, only on a much larger geographic scale, adds in an “all for one and one for all” mentality and then focuses on creating essentially an ecosystem around “branded industry clusters.” Each industry cluster is made up of Québec-based companies with industry-specific interests to “work as one for the benefit of all.” TechniTextile Québec, a non-profit organization and legal entity that represents the sector, is one such cluster with a specific focus on the technical textiles industry.

Established in 2017 by merging three smaller clusters from different areas of the Québec Province, which includes the cities of Montreal and Québec City and much more, TechniTextile Québec was created to champion Québec’s technical textiles industry, while providing technical support, guidance and fostering collaboration, innovation and market development to member companies throughout the Québec Province and ultimately internationally. “The purpose of the merger was to consolidate the entire Québec technical textiles sector into a single niche with a broader critical mass of companies,” said Dany Charest, TechniTextile Québec’s general manager. “Our focus now is to develop and position this cluster of member companies as a brand incorporating a strategic plan to establish it as a center of technical textiles expertise in Québec and abroad.” Read More