Smart Apron has finalized a brand license agreement with Turtle Wax, and is now developing an innovative ‘Turtle Wax TM Smart Apron’, which will be designed for car care enthusiasts.

“Our collaboration with Turtle Wax will enable us to design an apron for car care enthusiasts, professional detailers, windshield installers and car wash staff, giving us an opportunity that we feel very fortunate to have, and we can’t wait to reveal our concept in the next few months,” said Kevin Hoy, president, Smart Innovative Products, LLC, owner of the Smart Apron brand.

Turtle Wax, truly an American business icon, is one of the largest automotive appearance products company in the world and distributes its products in more than 90 countries. In keeping with their long-standing history of selling high-quality automotive appearance products, Turtle Wax will be actively monitoring and approving the development of the Turtle Wax Smart Apron.

The Turtle Wax TM Smart Apron will benefit auto enthusiasts as they clean, shine and protect their vehicles, as their products and tools are located at their fingertips, the Smart Apron helps keep their clothes clean and, because of the apron design and fabric, it will help prevent paint scratches. This revolutionary car care apron will also be an asset to professional car wash staff, windshield installers and car detailers by saving them precious time, as it will act as a mobile car shop, with essential work items stored in seven pockets, while two side D-rings hold a microfiber towel and/or a shammy, and the waist band and collar have quick release clasps, so taking off the apron is a breeze.

Other design elements will utilize non-scratch components, water resistant fabric, which is durable but comfortable to wear, with reinforced stress points located throughout the apron to increase its performance longevity. Additional design features will be revealed upon the product’s official launch in Spring 2020.

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