Despite the fact that most of our apparel comes from offshore, there are still thriving apparel companies manufacturing here in the United States. As fashion grows faster and customers more demanding and personalization more popular (and trade more uncertain), you can expect to see an uptick in Made-in-the-USA manufacturing. Below, learn about two U.S.-based companies, Wigwam and Bollman, which have been manufacturing socks and hats in the United States for 265 years, collectively.

Wigwam Mills, in business for 114 years, hopes to stay around a lot longer with innovative new socks. Innovation has become even more critical as performance sock competition has ramped up considerably in recent years.

Wigwam CEO Tom Wheeler considers business conditions heading into 2020 to be good, especially considering the unusual weather much of the United States saw during the early part of the year. A cold, wet winter coupled with a late spring didn’t drive sales of hiking socks. However, that picked up momentum during the summer. Read More