IN THE HOTEL industry, in which appearance is key to providing a comfortable environment for guests, employee uniforms can help in meeting that standard. That is why implementing a uniform policy and dress code was a top priority for Houston-based Palace Inns when it switched to a franchise model around two years ago.

“We understood the value and return on investment in providing uniforms for all our franchisees at cost,” said Raj Das, the company’s vice president for development. “Providing uniforms can create a significant value add for any business by increasing professionalism and overall guest experience.”

But there are several apparel options to consider depending on the job of each employee. The cardigan vest of a front desk worker would hardly be useful to a laundry worker. Like other suppliers, Columbus, Ohio-based Leaderpromos provides an array of branded uniforms for its hotel clients, said the company’s Director of Business Development Clay Bridges. Read More