Today, technology is the towering hero of the suit industry. In short, advancement in technology is transforming the fashion industry to meet the increasing consumer desire for comfort, and effortless care in clothing and apparel. The leading fashion experts are currently speaking about the role that technology is playing in making brands more dynamic—from manufacturing to marketing to product delivery—and what digital connectivity within the suiting category, means for the future of fashion.
In the course of researching and writing about advancements in textile technology and consumer acceptance more generally, I have incurred many crossroads. At present, I am on the hunt to find the technical future of the fashion industry. It is such an exciting time in menswear due to the newly developed hybrids in most categories of fashion. Gone are the days of big dry cleaning bills, welcome the days of effortless flair.
About 7  years ago, I recall having a conversation with a suit manufacturer about the retail climate of the suiting industry. At that time, the suit business was shrinking beyond belief and both designers and brands were running scared. When the manufacturer asked me my thoughts on what to do with the suit, I took some time to reply. After having thought about it for a few minutes, I said, "design a suit so that a man can scale a fence, run to a meeting or sling a gym bag over his arm, without ever feeling constrained".  We'll folks, alas, the suit is here. Read More