Dramatic change can hardly take shape in the midst of like-minded people still surrounded by outmoded ideals.

Like a Democratic or Republican rally, a fraternity or a group of Gen Z BFFs, these cohorts validate one another’s ideas, growing more confident in their singular way of thinking.

Change comes from different perspectives and from stepping outside of comfort zones, and the failure to embrace these two efforts is where the apparel supply chain has gone wrong.

Though the industry—whether at sourcing conferences, trade shows, during executive pitches and the like—has embraced all the right buzzwords that lend the appearance of evolution and advancement, few have quite unlocked the key to retail as they believe they have.

Really, sourcing executives are afraid to change.

What if they invest too heavily in data and technology and don’t see a return? What if they bring in the wrong service provider? Or move production to the wrong country?

The more pressing question among these, however, is: what if they don’t? Read More