The U.S. apparel industry market is the biggest in the world, according to Statista. With revenues of over $328 billion in 2017 and a projection of $390 billion in 2025, there are many ways technology can influence these numbers. Here are 4 ways newly introduced tech is revolutionizing how apparel is made, sold, and worn.

Tech tailors

Long gone are the days of having to go to a tailor to order custom garments created to perfectly fit your body. Now, companies like MTailor have technology that measures your body for perfect-for-you fit. In fact, MTailor claims that by using their app, their machine learning algorithm can measure you 20% better than a tailor would be able to, and all in 30 seconds or fewer. All it requires is a smartphone or tablet’s camera to take 9 upper body measurements and 7 lower body measurements. Then, a customer can purchase tailored blazers, suits, pants, and shirts for men, as well as jeans for women. Read More