2019 Best Dressed Public Safety Award® Winners


Toledo, OH, Police – Best Dressed Mid-Sized Department

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The Toledo PD was one of the first public safety departments in Northwest Ohio to adopt all-navy uniforms, paving the way for every single department in the area. The TPD utilizes four different types of uniforms. The first is their dress uniform, comprised of a navy, long-sleeve polyester Elbeco shirt paired with a black Samuel Broome tie and navy Flying Cross trousers. A navy blue Flying Cross blouse coat with gold or silver buttons (depending on rank) and a Pershing-style cap complete the ensemble. Next is the department’s everyday work uniform, which consists of navy blue short and long-sleeve Elbeco shirts and external cargo pants by Flying Cross. TPD’s specialty units include SWAT, K-9, Training, Gang, and Bike Patrol. SWAT, K-9, and Gang teams wear Blauer tops with mini ripstop pants by Flying Cross. The Training Academy members are distinguished by embroidered, tactical polos by 5.11. Bike Patrol officers wear Blauer tops with versatile zip-off pants and shorts. Lastly, TPD’s Honor Guard uniform consists of a Flying Cross dress coat with special royal blue and black double braids sewn onto each sleeve.


City of Oakland Park Fire Rescue – Best Dressed First Reponders, Small Department

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The move away from heavy, faded cottons to more breathable, moisture-wicking polyester tops has resulted in positive feedback from the community and members of this department. Oakland Park Fire Rescue's everyday look consists of BDU's and polos, but Administration wears Class A shirts and pants. In total, the department uses 5 types of uniforms, including wear for its Honor Guard. This look includes a black jacket with choker collar, bi-swing back, a tapered waist with belt hooks,single back vent, and upper pleated and lower pocket flaps. Red and gold edgecord can be found on the cuffs. Trousers use the same fabric as the jacket, and have a standard 4-pocket style with red & gold edgecord from the waistband down to the outer seams.


 D.C. Metropolitan Police, Best Dressed Large Department


 After decades of wearing light-blue uniform shirts, MPD made the change to navy blue. With the new design, comfort and functionality provide the greatest benefit. Switching to a design that puts the bullet-resistant vests on top of the shirts is also a welcome change. With the lighter-colored shirts, police were required to wear the vests underneath so as not to cover up their uniforms. Officers complained of excessive sweating, rashes and itching. Now, the department uses a new Blauer uniform for the majority of their agency. The new new design features hidden, internal suspenders to more evenly distribute the weight of the gun belt and potentially ease back pain. In addition to the comfort factor, the garments are easier to wash, and added plus.


Lakewood West Metro Fire Protection District, Best Dressed First Responders, Medium Department


 The chief of this department continues to outfit his firefighters in Class A uniforms even though others in the area have discontinued the practice. It's a standard that has paid off, receiving high marks from the community and visitors to the region. It's Class A uniforms consist of single and double-breasted blousecoats with Dutymaxx and distinction shirts; primary jackets are a performance soft shell colored in Midnight Navy. For everyday wear, the department uses Nomex pants, 100% cotton t-shirt and 100% cotton job shirt.