The NAUMD is the association for the uniform and image apparel industry.  Our membership is composed of the entire uniform supply chain: distributors – manufacturers – fabric mills & associated suppliers.  Our members sell to industries that supply uniforms to their employees, such as these:

            Public Safety                         Gaming                      Hotels

            Restaurants                          Industrial                  Retail

            Healthcare                            Transportation         Home Services


The NAUMD strives to be the GO TO place for information on our industry.  To achieve this, we offer the following to our members:

  1. Uniform Industry Forecast – published quarterly
  2. On line employee training – over 7,000 courses
  3. Monthly research paper on an industry topic
  4. Weekly newsletter – The Pulse
  5. Award program to recognize industry excellence
  6. Connection to over 500 industry owners, executives, managers & sales people
  7. Annual convention focused the future of our industry