NAUMD Leadership Team

Executive Committee

Brian GarryJim TewmeyPhiil Newman

From Left to Right: Brian Garry, Chairman of the Board, Cintas; Jim Tewmey,

Past Chairman, VF Imagewear; and Phil Newman, Chairman in Waiting, CobMex


Lee GalperinBrent CaplanNeal Waters BOD

From Left to Right: Lee Galperin, Member at Large, Smith & Warren; Brent Caplan,

Treasurer, Caplan's Uniforms; and Neal Waters, President, NAUMD


Board of Directors

B. James Bottoms - Unisync Group
Lee Galperin - Smith & Warren
Eldon Griggs - Galls LLC
Ron Klepner - Superior Uniform Group
Bill Levitt - Mocean
Lamont Reese Hamburger - Woolen Co.
Harvey Klein - Red the Uniform Tailor
Lori Wood - 3M Protective Apparel
Ashley Bullock - Burlington Worldwide
Bob Carpenter - Carpenter Uniforms
Rick Levine - Uniform Market
Bill Riesner - ICO Uniforms

Committee Chair & Vice Chair

Public Safety

Chair: Aviva Tavel - Uniform House
Vice Chair: Lee Galperin - Smith & Warren

Exhibitor Council

Chair: OPEN
Vice Chair: OPEN

Image Apparel Institute

Chair: James Bottom - Superior Uniform Group
Vice Chair: OPEN

Membership Committee

Chair IAI: Jon Edberg - Cobmex
Chair Public Safety: Brent Caplan - Caplan’s Uniforms

Innovation Committee

Chair: OPEN

Military Affairs

Chair: Jim Hangley - Creaset
Vice Chair: Ashley Bullock Burlington Worldwide


Chair: Roger Heldman - Galls


Neal Waters President
Jackie Rosselli-Verrico Director of Communications