Army equipment officials plan to begin fielding the service’s new Modular Scalable Vest, or MSV, by next summer.

Soldiers with the 71st Ordnance Group (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and 10th Chemical Hazardous Response Company at Fort Carson, Colorado recently participated in the final round of field-testing for the MSV, which is part of the Soldier Protection System and is the Army’s next generation Personal Protective Equipment system.

Stephen McNair, test manager for Project Manager Soldier Protection Individual Equipment, a division of Program Executive Officer Soldier at Fort Belvoir, was on-site to observe as soldiers conducted an obstacle course, weapons training, don and doffing procedures, tactical vehicle access capabilities, and a ruck march.

“We have been working on this vest for the past five years and have since have gone through four versions of the vest and an additional two versions of the Soldier Plate Carrier system,” McNair said in a recent Army press release. Full Article