Fibre2Fashion, the leading portal offering multi-dimensional services to the global textile, apparel and fashion industry, has launched TexPro—a one-of-a-kind user interface service. Providing unsurpassed platform to access high-quality information, the new service is designed to assist those in the textile value chain take informed decisions.

Serving as the go-to authority for market updates and trends, TexPro offers well-rounded information on raw material prices, export-import data, existing tariff rates of various countries, non-tariff barriers in place, trade agreements and government policies, amongst others.

Information on raw material includes daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly price updates on textile feedstock, fibre and yarn data. The wide range of raw materials include PET chips, PSF, PFY, ASF, CPL, nylon chips, NFY, VSF, VFY, cotton, wool, spandex and many more. Data presented in the form of tables as well as charts is available for easy download.

Under the export-import data, annual data update is provided both in terms of value and volume, for all countries. Also available is monthly US data, with shipment details and information on US buyers and international suppliers.

The data on existing tariff rates on imports from various countries includes comparison of differential rates for same product for several countries. While the section on non-tariff barriers provides access to all the existing non-tariff barriers, including anti-dumping measures, on textile and apparel products in major countries.

A list of major trade agreements along with detailed information is provided in a separate section. In addition, users can access ready-to-download documents covering country profiles of emerging players in the textile and apparel industry, including data on employment structure, wage structure, FDI and value chain analysis, amongst others.

On special request, the new service also offers access to all the customised and special reports published by Fibre2Fashion’s Market Intelligence team for clients around the globe.

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