Driven by consumer demand, apparel manufacturers and retailers are starting to "build in" corporate social responsibility (CSR), compliance and product safety all along their supply chains, according to a new study by Apparel Magazine and ICIX, a cloud-based supply chain risk management company. Still, there is a lot of room for improvement in supply chain transparency, and 70 percent of Apparel survey respondents say their supply chains are only somewhat transparent, mostly not transparent, or have very little visibility. 

"This is an important, wide-ranging benchmark survey of our substantial audience. It looks at supply chain transparency issues and technology in the apparel industry and relates them to corporate social responsibility (CSR), safety and compliance," says Susan Nichols, publisher of Apparel Magazine. "We found some new trends—such as the push to take CSR into account throughout the apparel supply chain—which places a premium on transparency. Also, more than twice as many respondents said CSR is the main driver of their need for transparency (37 percent) than said either quality (17 percent) or legal compliance (14 percent), which shows that CSR is now an important strategic business objective for many in the industry."  Full Article