You asked the Army for rolled-up sleeves, and you got them. 

You got black socks for PT and even earbuds in the gym

But what other uniform changes do soldiers want? What do you think Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey should put at the top of his uniform to-do list? 

Well, we asked, and you answered. 

Here’s a look at some of your top requests. And we even ran them by Dailey, who wants to hear more from soldiers. 

1. Kill the beret. 

Many soldiers are done with the beret. 

“I’ve been wearing it for 16 years now, and nobody that I’ve known has liked it,” one soldier wrote. 

Instead, he said, soldiers should stick with the patrol cap while in the Army Combat Uniform and the service cap when wearing the Army Service Uniform. 

Others called for the beret to be eliminated everywhere but in Special Forces, the 75th Ranger Regiment and the airborne community. 

SMA responds: Dailey said he doesn’t think the Army should get rid of the beret completely. 

“We got rid of the day-to-day mandatory wear, but I think there’s a very important place for it,” he told Army Times. “I think soldiers look phenomenal in their dress blues with the beret on. If you get rid of the beret, what are you going to use? I think when the American public sees them, they see the beret.”  Full Article