Image of the Year (IOY)


Each year, the Image Apparel Institute recognizes the best workplace apparel programs with its Image of the Year Awards. Since 1978, the IOY Awards have recognized the organization’s program, plus the manufacturers and distributors that created it. Independent judges evaluate the programs on 1) originality of design 2) projection of branding 3) functionality for the job 4) use of technology and innovation.  The judges award from 1 to 10 points for each of these criteria.  The submission with the most points from all the judges wins.  

On November 1, 2017, NAUMD will begin accepting submissions for the 2018 awards.  The deadline for submissions is February 16, 2018. Three FINALISTS will be named in each category.  All FINALISTS will receive a certificate designating their status.  The national WINNERS will be named at the convention on March 27, 2018.    

All association members are eligible to submit their customer’s programs. Awards are announced at the NAUMD Annual Convention & Expo. Winning the award creates a lasting bond between the program providers and their customer. The NAUMD promotes the winners through various outlets throughout the image apparel industry to maximize exposure for the winners and the association.

The Image Apparel Institute (IAI) strives to promote professionalism and excellence within its industry. The IAI intends to be a source of information and welcomes companies in our space to help pursue our common future.

Submission Categories:

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels - multiple locations
  • Hotels - single locations
  • Restaurants - multiple locations
  • Restaurants - single locations
  • Service & Industry Companies
  • Transportation - People
  • Transportation – Product